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Biochemical Adjustments of native EBOV Glycoprotein in Patient Sample to Unmask target-Epitopes for Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Ebolavirus and Marburgvirus are two genera of the negative sense RNA virus family Filoviridae, order mononegavirales.

Filoviruses cause rare but fatal viral hemorrhagic fevers-VHF in equatorial Africa--with potential for regional and international urban spread. Both virus associated VHFs present with a similar prodrome; mimicking several tropical infectious diseases.

Early detection is important for mobilizing swift response and control. Existing technologies for filovirus detection are not suited for point of care (POC) use, being expensive, not fast-enough and requiring laboratory facilities absent in many villages where index cases occur. While 2 rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) have recently emerged detecting EBOV at the point of care (POC), there are no pan-filovirus targeted RDTs. Pan-filovirus RDTs are required to ensure early detection, response and control of the on-going and future outbreaks. Moreover, the mAbs presented are candidate therapeutics.

Funded by the
European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)

Horizon 2020 "Research and Innovation Actions" DESCA


This project could yield the 1st ever prototypes of RDTs for the duo-detection of EBOV and MARV.

Our Team

The AdjustEBOVGP-Dx team consist of academics with acknowledged expertise in drug design and antiviral research.

Dr Misaki Wayengera

Project Coordinator

Makerere University,

Professor Erik

PI / WP Leader

SLU, Uppsala University

Asst. Professor Dimitrios Vlachakis

PI / WP Leader

Agricultural University of Athens,

Professor Dariusz Plewczynski

PI / WP Leader

Warsaw University of Technology,

Athens Kickoff Meeting

On January 2020, the kick-off meeting of the AdjustEBOVGP-Dx Team was held in the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, with the participation of all the academic partners.

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