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The Dark Suite

A comprehensive evolutionary and molecular modelling suite that comprises of a series of tools and workflows for drug design developed by our group.
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Drugster Suite

Drugster is a freeware platform aimed to assist scientists in the field of Computer Aided Drug Design.
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DrugOn Suite

DrugOn is a fully interactive pipeline designed to overcome the command line barrier with two friendly environments for the user.
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Drugena Suite

Drugena encompasses an up-to-date database of antibodies for neurological disorders and the NCI database for the in silico development of ADCs.
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Antisoma Suite

Antisoma application has been developed in order to provide the information found with this new approach and concerning the antibodies of the species.
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Xplatform Suite

With the extensive use of microarray technology as a potential prognostic and diagnostic tool, the comparison and reproducibility of results obtained from the use of different platforms is of interest.
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Space Suite

Space Suite, a new homology modelling approach, successfully applied to the homology modelling of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) of dengue (type II) virus.
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Structuprint Suite

A 'molecular cartography' suite for the two-dimensional transformation of protein structures the multidimensional analysis of their physicochemical properties.
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Taggo Suite

Taggo takes advantage of the Gene Ontology (GO) to extract the proteins’ main attributes and combines the potential of discarding annotations that are supported by not so reliable Ecs.
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Brukin2d Suite

The Brukin2d software, is a visualization tool for large data sets produced from LC-MS. Specifically the chromatograph and the mass spectra that correspond to its peaks is the focus of this work.
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Giba Suite

GIBA is an effective and easy to use tool for the detection of protein complexes through clustering PPI networks. GIBA surpasses other methods in quality approximations of protein complexes.
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AHC Suite

AHC is a hierarchical algorithm that performs successive min–cuts until it identifies dense subgraphs. AHC leads to the selection of more dense subgraphs as protein complexes candidates.
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GAppi Suite

GAppi performs clustering in PPI networks to identify protein complexes. The algorithm has been tested exhaustively and results showed that GAppi outperforms other techniques producing feasible and very efficient solutions.
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GOmir Suite

GOmir (by using up to four different databases) introduces, for the first time, miRNA predicted targets accompanied by (a) full gene description, (b) functional analysis and (c) detailed gene ontology clustering.
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FED & SAFE Suites

A tool that encompasses retrieval and analysis of fusion events used to identify putative protein-protein interactions in completely sequenced genomes of various prokaryotes, and eukaryotes.
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Thetis Suite

A suite of computer programs that has been developed for monitoring structural changes on a-helical secondary structural elements during molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on protein systems.
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Dimitrios P. Vlachakis